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 Undersecretary for Foreign Trade

​​Undersecretary for Foreign Trade  aims to provide support and administrative assistance, regulatory supervision, coordination and following-up all the things that are brought to the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade and Industry. In order to exercise the following competencies:

  • Prepare all meetings and special events for the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade .
  • Organize official communications and correspondence with various authorities.
  • Do various secretarial needs and secure the preparation and printing of correspondence and reports for the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade .
  • Responsible for any other competencies associated with office work, or assigned by the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade.

Foreign Commercial Offices and Attachés

The Ministry in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade Attaches and office management, exercise the following competencies:

  • ​implementation of necessary programs and activities to promote the UAE's products outside the state, and through the following:
    • Propose and organize the participation in the most important international specialized exhibitions, which are held in the commercial attaché office's area, according to the action plan approved by the Ministry in this regard.
    • Propose and organize delegation visits and trade and promotional missions from UAE to the commercial attaché offices state.
    • Organize seminars and promotional conferences, and use the media to introduce the economic potential of the state as an attractive country for investments and an exporter of goods and competitive services.
  • Provide comprehensive economic information about the state and related to the regulations and law, including what is related to economic, service and tourism aspects, and any other information that assist in the marketing of the state abroad.
  • Activation of cooperation and continuous communication relations with the public institutions and departments and the private sector in the representation area.
  • Provide assistance to UAE exporters to market their products in the area of representation.
  • Follow-up the commercial and export opportunities that arise in the representation area, and send them to the concerned authorities in the state.
  • Follow-up resolving commercial issues and problems in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Provide the Ministry with periodic and annual reports on the Offices or commercial attachés' activities.

Analysis, Trade Information Department

The Analysis, Trade Information Department holds the following competencies:

  • Prepare studies and researches on developments in industry and international trade field, and its impact on the state's foreign trade.
  • Issue bulletins and indicators periodically, and periodic reports on the dynamics of the state's foreign trade, by identifying the sources of imported goods and services, identifying the foreign markets for national goods and services, following-up exports and imports' movement and assess their impact, and prepare recommendations on the new ports for the national goods and services.
  • Prepare reports on the state's trade relations with other states, update it periodically, and make the necessary proposals on the ways to strengthen and develop it.
  • Create a foreign trade database and the relevant rules, in order to provide foreign trade statistics for all beneficiaries, and private national companies working in export and import field.
  • Set up a database on UAE investments abroad.
  • Issue reports and analysis about the foreign trade data.
  • ​ Responsible for any other competencies related to the nature of the department's work, or assigned by the Undersecretary for Foreign Trade.