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 Intellectual Properties Sector

​​​​The intellectual property sections consist of the departments vary in their roles like follows:

Sector departments:

Trade Mark Department
Department competencies:

1. The implementation of the federal low No. 37 for the year 1992 regarding the trademarks and its variations, and the protection of the owners of the trade marks.

2. Receive the applications to register a the trade mark, inspect it, execute the follow up procedures on the announcement, object the trade mark, and issue the trade mark certificates.

3. Renew, cancel, alter, transfer the trade mark or allow using it as per the related regulations.

4. Receive the complains and follow up on the cases related to the trade marks in the specialized courts.

5. Release the Trade Marks Issues.

6. Follow up on all international agreements and coordinate with the international organizations specialized in trade marks.

International Center for P​atent Registration
Center competencies:

2. Implementing the federal low no. 31 for the year 2006 as a variation of the federal low no. 17 for year 2002 and its variations regarding regulating and protecting the industrial property of the patents, the designs, prototypes, know how, and the contractual licences.

2. Receive the applications for the patents, the designs, and the prototypes, inspect them and issue certificatesSubmit the suggestions towards improving the production and export circumstances through raising the competition and quality of national industrial exports for international and neighboring markets.

3. Receive the complains, and aggrieving related to patents, and dealing with it as per the low and follow up the cases in the courts.

4. Establishing a data base for the international patents and coordinate the communication and the relations with the international centres that certify the patents, and release an issue for the industrial property, and contributing to technology transfer.

5. The coordination and follow up on international agreements in the area of industrial property.

6. Collecting the fees on registering the elements of the industrial property.

Copy Right Department
Department competencies:

1. Implementing the federal low no. 7 for the year 2002 regarding the copy rights and its variations, and protecting the innovators as stated in the low.

2. Receiving the applications to register the rights and deposit the records of the ordinary people and the recognised people.

3. Receive the complains, and follow up the cases in the courts.

4. The communication, the participation and the coordination with the international organizations specialized in the copy rights and intellectual property, and follow up on the now legislations.

5. Store a data base of the copy righted records and categorize them.