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Trade Promotions Portal


The Trade Promotion Department undertakes the following functions:

  1. Oversee the plans and programs of trade fairs inside and outside UAE and participate in these exhibitions to promote local products and services and activate their export in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  2. Organizing seminars, conferences and economic events outside the UAE and utilize the available media to promote UAE as a leading FDI destination and source of high quality products and services.
  3. Coordinating with the commercial attachés globally to support their commercial and promotional programs.
  4. Explore and promote new markets for UAE products and services and raise awareness of the UAE exporters to in coordination with relevant authorities.
  5. Preparation of bulletins and information materials to notify the investors, businessmen and government entities about the work, achievements and activities of the ministry in coordination with Government Communication Department.
  6. FDI Promotion to UAE through events and meetings in the target countries.