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Competitive Tourism

​The Competitiveness Index of the State depends on the 3 sets of key indicators: -

  • The regulatory framework: policies, regulations and legislation
  • The business environment infrastructure
  • Human resources: nature and culture

Based on these 3 categories are 41 topics each of which consists of 57 sub-Indicators: most aspects affecting the tourism sector included directly and indirectly, For example:

  • number of hotel rooms
  • Natural Reserves
  • ground and air shipping networks
  • environmental laws
  • security and safety
  • competitive prices
  • skilled labor
  • Information Technology
  • Education Level
  • laws regulating the relationship between the employer and workers

Spotlight on tourism in the UAE:

Emirates achieved a great renaissance in all fields, especially in the tourism sector and has become a tourist destination on the world tourism map due to the safety, security, social & economic stability and political infrastructure. (UAE holds the third rank in the world in the quality of the infrastructure and the efficiency of the infrastructure of the ports according to the report of the World Economic Forum 2014).

In 2014, according to the World Tourism Organization report on the global tourism in 2014 :

  • The UAE ranked 30 among 50 for the best international tourism destination in terms of tourist arrivals
  • The UAE is ranked at No. 29 among 50 countries for the highest tourism & revenue receipts.
  • The UAE is ranked 21 out of 50 countries in terms of tourism expenditure.

Aviation sector achieved a growth of 10% and is considered one of the highest growth rates in the world in passenger tourist traffic and tourists. The Competitiveness Travel and Tourism Report pointed to the contribution of the competitive advantage of the UAE in the field of infrastructure for air transport to consolidate the country's position in the competi​tive travel and tourism index over the best centers for air transport in the world (airline Emirates - Etihad Airways, in addition to the airline Fly Dubai - Air Arabia) Emirates came second in the world based on standard efficiency and quality of infrastructure for air transport according to the Global Competitiveness Report 2014. The UAE ranked first in the global civil aviation for safety 2014-2015 - according to standards (ICAO ICAO) International Civil Aviation Organization and the Dubai Airport came to be ranked as the largest airports in the world list in terms of passenger numbers (about 70 million passengers)

Conclusively according to the competitive tourism and travel 2013 report issued by the World Economic Forum (Davos):

  • United Arab Emirates came to be ranked 28 out of 128 countries
  • First in the Middle East and with the best performance among the Arab and Islamic countries as a whole and the most advanced in the travel industry and tourism.

The UAE came in the first place globally in the standard marketing efforts and tourist promotions carried out by the authorities responsible for the UAE's tourism sector as well as many other competitive advantages in the areas of investment and opening up the granting of visas and environmental sustainability systems.

The UAE came third in the world in the safety and security index.

The UAE's importance for the prosperity of the tourism industry

increased tourism's contribution to GDP ratio in excess of 1% with the beginning of the founding of the United Arab Emirates to about 14.5% in 2014 and up to (18% -20%) in the case of adding service sectors of tourism (Restaurants - Travel agencies and tourism ... etc.)

In the emirate of Dubai tourism contributes directly / indirectly in the total GDP to 32%

Since aviation and tourism are two sides of the same coin indicate that air transport sector in our state contributes to the overall economy of the UAE ($ 35 billion) and provides 500 000 jobs and contributes to the gross domestic product by 12%

It is worth pointing out that UAE's position globally and the rise of the knowledge of its economy won Dubai and the pride of the UAE tourism EXPO 2020 surpassing other superpowers.

In 2014, Sharjah was selected as the capital of Islamic culture and as the capital of Arab Tourism 2015

We, in the National Council for Tourism & Antiquities are determined to upgrade the tourism industry in the state with local coordination of all efforts in order that the UAE become one of the most favoured tourist destinations in the world.