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Languages, Population and Religion


Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. With the UAE's position as a global commercial hub and top tourist destination, English is widely spoken. Visitors will find their way around easily, with all road and traffic signs in Arab and English, along with all necessary documents, store signs, news and even restaurant menus available in both languages.


The UAE is a fast-growing country. According to a report issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, over 8 millions from over 200 countries call the UAE home.
The UAE is a land of opportunity for people from every corner of the world, with residents hailing from throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Around the world, the UAE is truly a beacon – a shining example of excellence, where hope thrives and peace triumphs. Our country is truly a melting pot, where anyone, regardless of nationality, origin, faith or creed, can live and work in safety and dignity, practice their faith freely and pursue their dreams unhindered.


The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates declares that the country's official religion is Islam. As a cosmopolitan country with residents and visitors from all around the world, the UAE Constitution also provides for freedom of religion, in accordance with established customs.

While the melodic calls to prayer regularly sound from the countries countless minarets punctuating the cities' skylines, nearly everyone can find a place of solace, in accordance with established traditions, to pray and worship as they see fit.