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Environment and Biodiversity

United Arab Emirates has assumed a prominent place globally for outstanding achievements in the fields of protecting environment, preserving nature, combat desertification, marine pollution, development of marine and wild life, establishment of natural reserves and contributing to global research to Maintain various types of rare and endangered animals such as Oryx gazelle, Arabian leopard, Dugongs and sea turtle as well as accomplishing many advance programs using the latest technology to breed wild birds such as hawks and bustards. Despite rapid urban development, massive population growth and the efforts to diversify the economy, but the environment protection and conservation of natural resources has always been on the top of the UAE wise government priorities. Cause attributed to the deep understanding of the UAE leadership, particularly the founder of the state and one of the pioneers environment protectors the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest his soul in peace, that environment protection is an essential requirement for sustainable, balanced and comprehensive growth. The late president, may Allah rest his soul in peace, believed that the responsibility of ensuring the life of luxury and prosperous for future generations can only be achieved by addressing the current urgent environmental problems immediately and in a sound manner. The government, through its different departments and organs, sought to help governmental and private establishments to fulfill their duties towards environment and to integrate the environmental considerations in all stages of planning and development of projects.

As a result, the terminology "sustainability" has become a word circulating widely through different state departments and the majority of announced projects on conform to the objectives and principles of sustainability.