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Enterainment and Sport


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There are several actions and carnivals in the UAE throughout the year, and hardly a month passes by without a recreational, shopping, traditional or art event. It is worth mentioning some of the facilities and carnivals which attract many visitors from UAE and abroad particularly these facilities and carnivals coincide with several seasonal holidays and festivals.           

Abu Dhabi classical music festival     

The first musical event in the Arab world which introduces a series of art performance throughout the year.              

Woomad festival 

The first art festival of its kind to link east and west arts in a globally unique show.      

Abu Dhabi art 

Abu Dhabi art gallery which replaced art Paris Abu Dhabi aims to encourage dialogue between different cultures and attract top artists and distinguished contemporary exhibition galleries from all over the world.       

Dubai shopping festivals

A festival which attracts visitors through a month long event where lights and recreational shows cover the city as well as the promotions offered by shopping centers in the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai cinema festival

The pioneer cinema festival in the middle east which represent a platform for the Arab cinematic to present their creativity to international and Arab audiences who contribute greatly to the cinema industry in the region.

Dubai summer surprises 

The most important exceptional event which attracts the big facilities hosted by Dubai and attracts visitors from UAE and abroad.  

Sharjah water festival

A first class family recreational festival which attracts families to entertainment and recreations in an educational promotional way. The festival promotes Sharjah as a family tourist attraction destination.      

Sharjah Lights festival

An international festival which relies on drawing-using-light where light and music meet in a unique harmony to draw a creative show on the Islamic style unique buildings that distinguish Sharjah.    

Sharjah Biennial 

An international fine art aims to support and guide the Arabic fine art movement. Held every two years in the Emirate of Sharjah with a contribution by Arab and foreign countries. The aim of the festival is to introduce the civilized and cultural role of the Arab artist, engage in an effective dialogue with international art and to establish good link with artist individual, corporations and establishments.

Fujairah shopping festival

Fujairah shopping festival aims at leading the tourism, economical, cultural and social tourism face of the Emirate of Fujairah and to make it a tourism investment center in the region.

Fujairah international monodrama festival

A theatre demonstration introduced by the Emirate of Fujairah every two years to celebrate theatre role which improve people awareness and improve their taste for art away from the usual glory of prizes and competitions.

Ajman shopping festival  

A recreational and cultural demonstration attracts many visitors. The festival introduces several religious and cultural competitions which add glory to the festival.      

RAK Arabian camel festival       

Camel racing is considered the most popular pan-gulf region sport and particularly in the UAE. RAK festival attracts many of this traditional Arabian sport. It is considered one of the top festivals hosted by RAK every year.      

Umm Al Qwain shopping festival 

It is distinguished by its cultural, shopping style and traditional diversity which represents the way of life of this beautiful Emirate.