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Sustainable Development Goals

 The role of the Ministry of Economy - Foreign Trade Affairs sector in achieving the eighth goal

One of the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Economy is to enhance the competitiveness of the country in foreign trade markets and to develop its economic and investment relations with other countries in order to serve its economic commercial interests.

The mandates of the foreign trade sector, which support the achievement of the eighth goal in particular, include:

  • To promote cooperation in the field of foreign economic relations, which positively influence the promotion of trade exchanges between countries and attract investments.
  • To explore and promote new markets for UAE exports and to raise exporters' awareness of the efficiency of export operations, in coordination with relevant authorities.
  • Supervise the plans and programs of trade exhibitions inside and outside the country.and participate in these exhibitions in order to ensure marketing their local products and enhance their exports.
  • Providing an attractive investment environment and full support to investors.