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Sustainable Development Goals

 Goal 8: Decent work and Inclusive Growth


The eighth goal of the SDGs focuses on inclusive economic growth, productivity growth, job creation and entrepreneurship. Important part of economic growth is promoting policies that encourage entrepreneurship and job creation.The 2030 Sustainable Development Plan recognizes international trade as an engine of overall economic growth and poverty reduction, as well as important means for achieving sustainable development goals.

Foreign trade is a vital sector in any country, whether developed or developing. it is an essential part of most countries' economies that directly affects their gross domestic product, as known foreign trade links countries and societies with one another and helps to expand marketing capacity by opening up new markets to countries domestic products.

In addition to ,the importance of foreign trade comes as a fundamental indicator of the international market's competitiveness and productivity of countries, as this indicator relates to the available production capabilities beside the country's ability to export and import which all affects at the end on the trade balance.

There is also a close relationship between foreign trade and economic development. Economic development, resulting from the high level of national income, affects the size and pattern of international trade. Changes in international trade conditions directly affect the composition and level of national income.