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Sustainable Development Goals

 Achievements of National SME Programme

The role of the MOE seems effective in facilitating and ensuring consistency between local governments and managing issues related to economy.

Thus, MOE is committed to constantly developing and improving services and processes, upgrading performance level in accordance with customer requirements and excellence standards, and constantly working towards identifying stakeholders and implementing joint projects with them.

The MOE has also taken several initiatives and programmes / projects at the country’s level, such as establishing the National SME Programme to help companies grow and strengthen their capacities, and enable them to effectively contribute into the national entrepreneurship. Hence , this  participates  effectively in achieving  SDG 9,and 8.

The Programme was formed by Federal Law No. “2” of 2014 under the umbrella of the Ministry of Economy, it is supervised by a specialized council within the Ministry. This Programme aims to enable SME owners and empower them, set up the general frameworks and guidelines that provide expertise and technical, administrative and training support in all required  fields with a view to enhancing and developing SMEs, as well as preparing the periodic evaluation.

Thereof, coordinating with local and federal government entities and private sector to market their products inside and outside the UAE, coordinating with the concerned entities in providing incentives for such enterprises. By the end all of this guarantee supporting companies grow and strengthen their capacities and enable them to effectively contribute in developing the innovation landscape in the UAE.

Mandates of the Council

  • Set up policies and plans for SME development.
  • Set up the rules and regulations that are necessary for coordination between programmes and concerned entities.
  • Following up the performance indicators of the Programme and approving its annual report.
  • Setting up conditions and criteria for the programme membership, and other related functions assigned by the Cabinet.
  • Conducting periodic reviews of effectiveness of enterprise and establishment classification standards, suggesting the proper amendments thereto and bringing the same before the Cabinet.

Roles of the Programme:

  • The Programme is the executive arm of the SME Council.
  • Coordinating with federal and local entities in setting up awareness and training programmes.
  • Participating in international exhibitions and market the national products.
  • Implementing entrepreneurs and SMEs performance indicators.
  • Creating SME database and memberships record.

The most important initiatives and achievements of the Programme that shows full support to companies for enabling them contribute effectively indeveloping the innovation landscape in the UAE and entrepreneurship led by national competent citizens,

Training Capacity Building Programmes for Programme Members

  • 43 training workshops were held in 2019.
  • Training courses were held for trainers and employees of entities operating in entrepreneurship and SMEs in collaboration with Arab Planning Institute based in the State of Kuwait.
  • Manage the National Program to support Young Innovative Companies and activate the role of the National Innovation Management Committee under the presidency of the Ministry of Economy and the membership of representatives of strategic partners for the purpose of increasing projects and facilities consistent with innovation standards, raising the initiative spirit, encouraging innovative ideas of youth and entrepreneurs and stimulating them to work and conduct economic activity, achieving integration and collaboration between the local and federal government entities and private sector, and setting up a plan to launch initiatives supporting young innovative companies. Moreover, the services and initiatives brought up by the MOE’s National Program to support Young Innovative Companies will be activated and the smart innovation platform will be launched by agreeing with partners on its goals and content and the partners’ relation with the platform and by sharing partners’ training plans, events and exhibitions to include them in an integrated agenda on the innovation platform.