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Sustainable Development Goals

 Achievements of Intellectual Property Sector

The Intellectual property plays an important role as a policy in creating and providing a stimulating environment for innovation. This aims to establish a framework which permits the exchange and sharing of new technologies throughout the world.

The MOE’s concern about the protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs), especially in term of Industrial property rights relating to patents is very clear through its keenness to keep up with the global trend to come up with appropriate climate that encourages investments, trade and economy growth.

With the growing contribution of the private sector in UAE economy, there is an essential need for increasing awareness among companies and entrepreneurs on intellectual property areas and enhancing opportunities to access knowledge in intellectual property field.

Thus, the MOE is keen to arm the private sector with all knowledge necessary to enable it to perform its role in sustainable development. The Intellectual Property is the cornerstone of such knowledge and is today a vital tool to advance the economic growth and social welfare process.

As one of the specialized agencies of the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) contributes to achieving the SDGs by providing excellent services to its member states, in order for them to use the IP System in advancing innovation, competitiveness and creativity, all of which consist necessary factors to achieve the SDGs.

Sustainable development considerations became an integral part of WIPO’s work, and the development dimension of its activities and deliberations has largely expanded. WIPO considers SDG 9 as the essence of its duty to lead and develop an international intellectual property system that benefits everybody, in order to create conditions that foster innovation, competition and creativity.

 The main activities and initiatives of Intellectual Property Sector include:

  1. In October 2019, the MOE and the France’s National Industrial Property Institute, represented by its Director General, Pascal Faure signed the Roadmap for 2019-2020 for strengthening the intellectual property applications at the MOE headquarters in Dubai.

    The Roadmap for 2019-2020 includes several clauses; mainly, to strengthen the awareness on the importance of registering the intellectual properties of SMEs Owners, the training of examiners of the International Center for Patent Registration, raising awareness among students on intellectual property and its importance through workshops and training courses, sending students to universities outside the UAE, training patent agents accredited at the MOE on how to formulate the patent application, enhancing the means of collaboration in artificial intelligence in intellectual property between the two sides, lastly  launching an educational online game in intellectual property field.

    The Roadmap for 2019-2020 was signed as part of the UAE’s keenness to enhance its position in intellectual property due to the role of this important sector in developing innovation, business and development climate in the UAE.

    The MOE works closely with the concerned entities in the UAE on developing the laws and regulations governing the intellectual property sector in its various activities and areas in accordance with the best recognized practices globally .

  2. Collaboration project with the France’s National Industrial Property Institute to train university students and research centers. In June 2018, an MOU was signed with the France’s National Industrial Property Institute to provide training for national cadre, raise awareness among university graduates and research centers on patents for the purpose of registering patents, support innovation-based SMEs in the UAE to upgrade it’s position in the global innovation index.

  3. In order to accelerate the UAE Vision 2021, Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 And National Innovation Strategy, the MOE collaborated with the DED through Takamul Program. the Technology & Innovation Pioneers Platform (“TIP”) was launched in December 2017 and is still in place. TIP is the first integrated innovation platform in the middle east, through which interaction is made with inventors from universities, innovation centers (incubators), research centers, SMEs overall the world and finance entities in technological fields ,showcasing challenges and sustainable solution that confront targeted sectors. TIP also helps link the global platforms to attract SMEs and implement their technologies in the UAE, hence it supports the innovation environment and develop national entrepreneurship to grow and compete at global level.

  4. International Center for Patent Registration: since patents are one of the foundations of sustainable innovation and can be the first step towards the incorporation of a successful establishment that opens doors for more investment and business opportunities, the MOE’s Intellectual Property Sector established the International Center for Patent Registration in November 2016 and set up a five-year strategic plan to make it a recognized research and examination department in collaboration with WIPO. In 2017, the Intellectual Property Sector has taken several steps to develop the smart infrastructure related to IP applications, as well as the mechanisms for examining patent applications in the UAE and training the national cadre in this field, in collaboration with MOE partners from inside and outside the UAE, mainly the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Further steps were also taken to update industrial property systems and automate their applications and services at 100%.