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 Determine if you likely to be a DNFBP

*Review your Trade License to establish:

Are you a real estate firm?

Your firm carries out transactions with customers involving the buying or selling of real property. For example, real estate brokers and agents.

Are you an auditing or accounting firm?

You provide professional services and assurance to third parties on the financial of them and/or their business.

or example, chartered accountants, accountants, auditors etc.

Are you a dealer of precious metals or stones?

You are involved in the production of precious metals or precious stones, an intermediate buyer or broker, precious stone cutter and polisher, precious metal refiners, and/or jewelry manufacturer who use precious metals and precious stones to retail sellers to the public or buyers and sellers in the secondary and scrap markets. These include gold, silver, platinum, diamonds etc.

For example, jewelry stores.

Are you a Trust or Company Service Provider?

You are involved in providing company establishment and / or business administration services to third parties.

For example, company or legal person set up / formation, providing 3rd party directorships, business administration, providing registered business address services etc.

Are you a legal consulting company (Except Lawyers and Notary Publics)?

If your company conducts legal consulting company only and is not pleaded in the judicial courts

Note: If you are registered with the Ministry of Justice, you do not have to register with the Ministry of Economy.

*Lawyers, Notaries and Independent legal professionals please refer to Ministry of Justice website.