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 Vission And Mission


Internationally competitive and diversified economy under the leadership of efficient and knowledgeable nationals.


To develop the national economy and create a pro-business environment that contributes to achieve balanced and sustainable development of the country, through the enactment and modernization of economic legislations , foreign trade policies, development of national industries and exports, promotion of investment, regulation of competition and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector, protection of consumer and intellectual property rights, and diversification of economic activities, under the leadership of efficient nationals, in line with international standards of creativity, excellence and knowledge economies.


Transparency : to apply institutional governance principles, unambiguity of information, decisions, conducts, and all communication and interconnectedness mechanisms with customers from inside and outside the ministry.

Respect of Rights : to respect rights of employees, consumers and all customer classes as per applied economic legislations and work regulations.

Excellence : to provide services beyond customers’ expectations and harmonize with best practices and international standards of excellence and exert efforts for uplifting the efficiency of human resources.

Team Spirit : to cooperate and teamwork, support all work groups of ministry ‘s employees and strategic partners to achieve excellence.

Participation : to manage with participation, consider all different ideas and contributions of related classes , hence adding value to work results.

Creativity ​: to create positive climate for supporting concerned classes inside and outside the ministry convert their ideas to applicable distinguished results serving ministry’s vision and country's competitiveness.

  • To develop economic policies and legislations according to the best international standards of a competitive knowledge economy
  • To develop and diversify national industries.
  • To regulate and develop the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and national business pioneering sectors.
  • To increase the country's attractiveness for investments.
  • To enable appropriate business practices and protect consumers and intellectual property rights.
  • To enhance the country’s competitiveness in foreign markets and develop its relations with other countries in a way that serves its commercial interests.
  • To secure providing all administrative services as per quality, efficiency and transparency​.

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