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Setting Up

The Department of Antidumping was established according to The Ministerial Council Decision No 7 of 2009 and the decision No. 17 of 2014 regarding the organizational structure of the Ministry of Economy in order to help domestic industry to obtain relief and undertake necessary restructuring when injured as a result of imports.

The Department of Antidumping use of trade defense instruments is seeking to re-establish a competitive environment for the UAE industry when injured by dumped or subsided imports, and it takes into consideration the following:  

  • Open trade is a recognized engine for growth and job-creation but it requires that fair competition, without distortions, is maintained between domestic and foreign producers.
  • The use of trade defense instruments is based on rules set out by the World Trade Organization to ensure that their use is well measured.

There has been a constant increase in the percentage of UAE exports affected by trade defense measures.​