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 Industrial Affairs Sector

​​​​​This sector is responsible for implementing the strategic policies and plans and supervising the main operations and enterprises within the Sector.

Sector departments:

Industrial License Department
Department competencies:

1. Issue all industrial licenses related to establishing industrial institutions inside UAE.

2. Supervise industrial institutions and observe compliance thereof with the legal provisions.

3. Specify the industrial national products and issue industrial licenses therefore.

4. Apply the laws and resolutions related to granting advantages and ‎tariff exemptions for the industrial projects. Any other tasks entrusted therewith as regards the Department work.

Department of Development and Institution Support
Department competencies:

1. Attain unified data base and put into effect the studies pertaining to laws, systems and external specifications in coordination with the concerned authorities to develop the industrial exports.

2. Provide services and technical information in coordination with the competent departments, including the provision of the specialized technical consultations and training programs for supporting the exporting institutions.

3. Submit the suggestions towards improving the production and export circumstances through raising the competition and quality of national industrial exports for international and neighboring markets.

4. Provide support and technical consultations to local industrial institutions to improve the local and international competition ability.

5. Coordinate and cooperate with private sector institutions and other authorities aiming to develop the national industrial exports.

6. Develop small and medium seized industries and provide the mechanism which contributes to develop same.

7. Any other tasks entrusted therewith as regards the Department work.

Anti Dumping Department
Department competencies:

1. Implement the laws and regulations of anti dumping as well as compensating and protective measures.

2. Receive and study the cases and complaints regarding all practices harming UAE economy.

3. Observe applying the anti dumping and compensating measures as well the temporary and final protection procedures.

4. Combine and provide data relating to anti dumping.

5. Warrant the protection of nascent industries through out implementing the protective measures.

6. Any other tasks entrusted therewith as regards the Department work.

Origin Department
Department competencies:

1. Apply the commercial policies as regards the origin rules and certificates.

2. Take part in making and adopting the origin appropriate rules (for UAE goods and products) through out the proposal of laws and agreements, in addition to the enlightenment of all producers, exporters and other parties concerned of such rules.

3. Issue the origin certificate of national products and follow up the settlement of the relative problems and complaints.

4. Observe Kimberley Agreement.

5. Attestation of non national "Certificates of Origin" issued by Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

6. Verify the issued origin certificate and the extent of complying with the origin rules, the provisions of UAE economic agreements, as well as with the International Regulations.

7. Confirm - upon inspection - the compliance of goods and products with the origin national rules and fulfillment of defined terms and specifications as regards the documents required to issue the origin certificates.

8. Any other tasks entrusted therewith as regards the Department work.